10 Strangest Jobs From History

9. Armpit Hair Plucker

It€™s no secret that the ancient Romans were incredibly vain. They wanted to look their best at all times, particularly when they had to take their clothes off in public. In around 1 AD, this happened more often than you€™d think, and we don€™t just mean orgies. As well as those events of ill-repute, Romans also visited public bath houses regularly, and one source of embarrassment when they were there was the possibility of armpit hair. As we all know, that part of the body can smell pretty bad, so the bath houses employed Armpit Hair Pluckers, to try and help minimise the odour. They used red-hot bronze tweezers shaped like sickles to remove unwanted hair from patrons. You didn€™t have to have any training to do the job, but a strong arm was necessary, as was the ability to minimise your customer€™s pain. Unfortunately you did have to root about in smelly armpits all day long, so it wasn€™t all easy-going.
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