10 Technology 'Advances' That Actually Made Life More Annoying

Where does forced innovation cause more problems than it's worth?

We've all had a love/hate relationship with technology for most of our lives. Most of the time things work perfectly and don't tend to annoy you, although there's always that occasional time where everything breaks and turns against you, causing your life to resemble something more of a living nightmare. Around the world brand new ideas for technology are being thought up almost every minute, causing a global saturation of gear with an electronic pulse. Will they actually be useful to me or anyone else? We are quite lucky that we live in a world where all of this new and shiny technology is so readily available, but could it be a victim of it's own success? The co-founder of Intel, Gordon Moore, stated in his observations (better known as Moore's Law) that the amount of transistors on integrated circuits (processors to you and me) would double every two years. This means in real world terms that technology is getting faster and smaller at an alarming rate. With all this new scope for constantly refined technology, where is the limit to what can be created? Where does forced innovation cause more problems than it's worth? At some point we will be engulfed by technology which is already 'outdated' before it even hits the shelves. So with all these advances in technology, are any of them useful? Or are they just going to annoy us even further? Here are 10 that have annoyed the most.

10. Using iPad Cameras At Events

The iPad is a strange item. It wasn't the first tablet to ever go on sale, but because of its Apple sticker and brushed aluminium finish it sold very quickly indeed. Some called it a fat phone without being able to call anyone, others the greatest thing since the wheel. Phones have slowly been integrating cameras for the last few years to mixed success as their quality is often terrible and is seldom used, except when you are using Snapchat or Instagram'ing your food of course. For photo quality the public will generally buy a camera separately as it has one primary function, to take pictures. An iPad thinks it can conquer 100 jobs in one slightly-too-large-to-fit-your-hand package. The part which is the most annoying is the camera though. It's a useless aspect of the device because it's just another feature to add to the specification list - rather than a core aspect of the product. The main hunting ground of iPads is at gigs and concerts, as instead of someone holding up a digital camera to grab a snap of their favourite band, people are holding aloft a sea of iPads to film or photograph something in the stage's general direction. If the camera isn't going to be an integral part of the product, why put it in there as an afterthought?
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