10 Terrifying Monsters Sighted Around The World

It's scary when cryptozoology takes a walk on the wild side.

Bigfoot Film Patterson Gimlin
Bob Gimlin (YouTube)

Urban legends about creatures that dwell in the dark, in untamed wilderness, and in our unexplored oceans have existed for centuries. Tapping into our innate sense of fear, storytellers have conjured monsters only our wildest imaginations can picture, creating campfire tales that have terrified children and adults alike for generations.

But what happens when these stories turn all too real? When mysterious make-believe creatures step from the realm of uncertainty into cold, hard, visual truth? What happens when some drunken reveller wandering through the woods claims to have spotted a murderous unicorn, and pulls out a handful of blurred photographic footage to prove it?

The only thing for certain is that it makes it a lot more scary knowing people truly believe monsters are out there - especially ones as creepy as these. Some you will have heard of, some you won't, but one thing is for sure: there's plenty out there reportedly lurking in the shadows that will suitably scare you off enjoying the outdoors in any real capacity again.

Nature just isn't worth the risk of getting your soul sucked out.

10. Bigfoot

Bigfoot Film Patterson Gimlin

Famous across the globe and the subject of potentially hundreds of TV documentaries, Bigfoot, Sasquatch, the Yeti, and plenty of other giant furry people living in the wilderness have become something tangible over the years.

Bigfoot in particular hails from the Pacific Northwest area of America, and whilst cited as being fairly timid in nature, it’s still terrifying to think of an eight foot hairy humanoid roaming through the woods at his own leisure. I mean, at least a bear is a known quantity. Going full Revenant would be preferable than having to deal with that.

Yetis on the other hand, or Abominable Snowmen as they are affectionately called, are not so placid - but at least those guys are placed far away in the Himalayas, feasting on those that try to do something stupid like climb Everest. There’s a reason almost 300 people have died trying, and it's not because of unfavourable conditions. YETIS.

As for the forest-dwelling cousin of the more illsusive snow creatures, Bigfoot himself has been 'spotted' many times over the years, though most attribute it to hoax footage. Most sightings come from over 40 years ago now, though there is one woman that’s trying to sue California for denying Bigfoot’s existence when she came face to face with him and his family this year and claims ‘we don’t stand a chance’ against the species.

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