10 Things Americans Think Brits Do

How much drinking do they think one nation can do?

That most quintessentially British of all statesmen Winston Churchill first described the close bond between the USA and and UK as the €œSpecial Relationship€ all the way back in 1946. Since then, we have had some Earth shuddering times with our noisy cousins across the pond. We stood shoulder to shoulder as the iron curtain descended during the nerve shreddingly tense Cold War, we were thrown with gusto into the War on Terror to saddle up once again with our stoic partners in battle, and we are both partly responsible for Kelly Osborne. Despite these massive political and historical allegiances though, we have not always seen eye to eye on a cultural level with the Yanks. Many people on the fair isles see the Americans as a yahoo nation of cowboys obsessed with big cars, guns, and big cars with guns on them. Some of us in the UK even look down their noses at the land of the free. After all, a nation that is about as old as some people€™s tables cannot really stand side to side with the great culture of artistic and literary traditions of historic Europe can it? Whilst our views of our pals across the pond may be horrifically generalised, that is not really the interest in this article. Because this article is here to point out, in a way Brits love doing, where THEY have gone wrong.

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