10 Things Guys Do That Are An Immediate Turn Off

Nobody has ever wanted to be farted on, ok?

This is not an article being mean about men. It is merely an insight into some of the grossest things guys do in front of women that act as an absolute turn off. Men seem have these secret gross habits, questionable hygiene and grotesque lifestyle traits which are more than enough to turn stomachs at the best of times. Girls, have you ever stayed over a guys house only to find the sheets feeling a little crusty? No prizes for guessing what that particular substance is. Men seem to have standards different to our own when it comes to several aspects of life. That's not to say the good things about guys doesn't outweigh the bad: of course it does, otherwise every time we saw a man having a not so inconspicuous ball itch we'd be running for the hills. Every man has his wonderful glorious traits, and we revel in them just as much as the next female. We like to have a good ogle over a beautiful looking man, and there's no need to be ashamed of finding weird man habits appealing (some girls just like the look of a man in a sweaty white vest, ok?) Still, there are some undeniably gross things that men do that women find repulsive. Here are a selection of them:
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