10 Things Learned From The Ancient Aliens Guy Reddit AMA

I don't know...therefore aliens.

Ancient Aliens Meme
That face. That hair. Many people might not know the name of Giorgio Tsoukalos but they definitely can identify the Ancient Aliens guy.

With the success of the speculative and pseudo-historical show that he is a mainstay on, Giorgio has found himself to be the unlikely face of the History Channel. He always seems so sure that aliens are the obvious explanation to seemingly inexplicable phenomena from the past.

Part of his fame is due to the fact that his likeness has been screen captured and turned into an uber-popular meme. When online debates become confusing or unexplainable, expect Giorgio to pop up. He is just as big a part of the current digital age as Michael Jackson is when he eats popcorn.

Despite Giorgio's recognizability, how much is actually known about him? Surely not much since he is not even known by his real name. Giorgio decided to remedy this one week ago by letting the world ask him anything.

On April 17, 2015, Giorgio took to Reddit to field any and every question that might have been thrown at him during his "Ask Me Anything" session, or AMA. Most of the questions were alien-focused but he did answer many others.

This article reviews ten of the more interesting responses that the Ancient Aliens guy responded to. Don't worry, he does take several questions about his very off the wall hair style.

10. His Own UFO Sighting

Ancient Aliens Meme

Has the the guy who is most credited with what's known as the 'Ancient Astronaut Theory' ever had a personal UFO experience of his own? Giorgio Tsoukalos was asked this question and is probably won't shock anyone to find out that he has.

"On August 8, 2014, along with 26 other people, with night-vision goggles, in Joshua Tree at the Contact in the Desert Conference around midnight, where we saw stars inside the Big Dipper, which obviously didn't belong there, and after 10 minutes of observing those two stars, they began to move equidistant from each other up into space, or into darkness of the night sky. So essentially removing themselves, or moving away from the Big Dipper."

He would continue on during this post to state that he would probably not have shared this story publicly had he not observed this event in large, sober group.

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