10 Things Learned From The Ancient Aliens Guy Reddit AMA

9. The Fermi Paradox

Ancient Aliens Meme
The Fermi Paradox is a fancy term that basically asks the question that if there is such a high probability of extra-terrestrial life in the universe then where are they? It's a huge contradiction in how high the odds are that Earth is not alone in hosting life yet it is the sole planet that is not barren. What gives?

Giorgio was asked about this very scenario and here was his response...

"The Fermi Paradox is an incredibly important observation. However, we have to understand that providing extraterrestrials exist, and providing that they have been here in the past, and are currently either observing or even still visiting us, their technology is so far beyond what we can even imagine - the idea or the suggestion that, you know, "if they exist, where are they" (which the Fermi Paradox suggests), just because we cannot see them does not mean they are not here - because their technological capabilities would allow them to essentially appear invisible to us."

Of course he wouldn't rule out aliens. That is expected. He does not seem open to the idea that Earth is alone, though. But as far as the current scientific consensus is concerned it is.

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