10 Things Only Apple Genius Bar Employees Will Understand

They've seen quite a few naked pictures before.

The Apple Store, you either love it or hate it. Most stores will have some overly-friendly hipsters with beards and large-rimmed glasses who come and ask you how they can help. But the Genius Bar, it's not exactly a place you want to go to, and chances are you're probably in a bad mood that your beloved iPhone or Mac has decided to die on you. It can be a confusing place. Stainless steel and bright lights with some fantastic oak furniture and a deluge of screens, people stand there with iPads in their hand and you don't really know why. If you're a major Apple fanboy (or girl), it's mecca. But If you've never been before, you've probably been putting off the dreaded visit to the Genius bar waiting until the situation on your device has got worse and worse. The chances are that the employee has probably already seen customers with the exact same type of issue before but you're convinced that this has only happened to you. And that's understandable, I mean your iPhone is your life and you can't go anywhere without making sure you reach the next level of Candy Crush so when it randomly turns off, you're probably on the war path. Luckily, there's nothing much a trained Apple technician hasn't seen and they understand pretty much anything so take a look at some of the things only Genius Bar employees will understand.

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