10 Things Only Apple Genius Bar Employees Will Understand

10. Would You Like Me To Google That For You?

We've all had that moment when you've forgotten how to do something on your phone or computer. Some people will sit there and get frustrated with themselves. Others may ask their 'go to' tech-savvy friend for some help and advice, while some Apple users will head to the Genius Bar. The reality is, your question or problem, most likely, could have been resolved with a quick Google search. Apple employees will be trained to find the answers to all the questions, which sometimes involves a quick check online and hey presto you're sorted. The Genius Bar technician is obviously not going to make you feel bad for travelling in because you noticed a moon logo appear on the top right of your phone and a quick Google search has resolved the problem, so they may reassure you that it was safe to check it out 'just incase' it was something more serious. Hopefully the employee didn't point you in the direction of the most passive-aggressive website in the world, imgtfy.com, which helps people conveniently answer their question rather than Google it for themselves.
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