10 Things That Happen In Every Joe Rogan Experience Episode

"Pull that sh*t up Jamie!"


Ever since its inception more than a decade ago, the Joe Rogan Experience has provided fans with the insights of a host of guests from across the entire spectrum of public life, from professional cage fighters to stand-up comedians, to astrophysicists.

Unlike many podcasts that attempt to hyper-specialise, Rogan draws on his contacts from the various worlds he is a part of to feature a massively diverse group of guests on the show.

This is one of the main reasons the JRE has proved so popular since its first episode in 2009: fans are treated to a broad range of perspectives in a format that is long enough to really get to understand the guest being featured and, often, the ideas they are attempting to convey, throughout the course of the show.

However, while the guests sitting on the other side of the table are always rotating, the one constant throughout over 1000 often three-hour-long podcats has been Joe himself.

Not that this is a bad thing, Joe's open-mindedness and willingness to discuss just about everything has made him the perfect host of a show containing long-form, wide-ranging discussions.

But, as longtime fans will have noticed, when you put out such a massive amount of content, there's bound to be a degree of repetition across the JRE catalogue.

So get your bingo cards at the ready because here are some of the hallmarks of one of the world's most popular podcasts.

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