10 Things That Happen In Every Joe Rogan Experience Episode

10. Re-Telling The Tragic Tale Of Fritz Haber

Okay, so the frequency of this one has actually decreased considerably since its peak, but discussions of the tragic tale of the life of German Nobel Prize-winning chemist Fritz Haber were once almost unavoidable on the JRE, and as such, deserve an entry on this list.

Just for some background, let's quickly run through the story of Haber. Haber was a scientist who alongside fellow Nobel Prize winner Carl Bosch, created the Haber-Bosch process. During the First World War, Haber was influential in developing chlorine gases that would be used against troops at the front, and has since been recognised as the father of chemical warfare.

So, what does a German chemist who died 30 years before Joe was born even have to do with the JRE, I hear you ask?

Well, for a while, discussing Haber's involvement in the production of the insecticides Zyklon A, and Zyklon B, was one of Joe's favourite topics of discussion. This resulted in a hilarious supercut of Joe and Bryan Callen going back and forth telling each other the exact same story over the course of five different episodes.

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