10 Things We Learned From Edward Snowden On Joe Rogan's Podcast

Cell phone spying, 9/11's prevention, moon landings, aliens and government exile...

Joe Rogan Edward Snowden

Edward Snowden still believes in government.

That may seem like a ludicrous statement considering he was chased out of his own country by the US government after leaking highly classified NSA information in 2013, but it's true. Snowden said as much during his lengthy, three-hour chat with podcast guru Joe Rogan this week.

Former CIA employee Snowden currently resides somewhere in Russia (his exact location was kept private for obvious reasons), and he Skype'd in to discuss his new book, his thoughts on public security, aliens, 9/11, the moon landing and more with Rogan. Throughout, the usually talkative host sat and listened as his guest explained in painstaking detail how skepticism is something that evolved inside his head over time.

Snowden has been undercover as an operative, enlisted in the army, he's been in meetings with some of the most powerful figures in US government and he's one of the most famous whistleblowers in American history. His interview is essential listening for anyone who has a keen interest in technology, surveillance and/or conspiracy theory.

Here's everything you need to know from the interview of a lifetime...


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