10 Things We Learned From Edward Snowden On Joe Rogan's Podcast

10. The US Government Are Suing Him Over His New Book

Edward Snowden Permanent Record

The past six or so years of Edward's life have been a whirlwind of uncertainty. His destiny was forever changed when he leaked highly classified NSA documents to select journalists, and he's been exiled from his own country. Since departing the United States and seeking refuge in Russia, Snowden has been busy writing his story.

His 'Permanent Record' book was released this past September and came up during the Rogan podcast. It tells the story of Snowden's life, how he became involved with the CIA, his findings and the resultant fallout of his whistleblowing campaign and exile. It's a controversial read, to say the least.

It's also a book the US government don't want you to read.

According to Snowden, the US Department Of Justice filed a lawsuit against him and his publisher (Macmillan) for failing to submit the book for scanning pre-release. The government's pre-publication review processes are militant; they hate the thought of Edward making any money from his story.


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