10 Things We Learned From Miley Cyrus On The Joe Rogan Experience

7. Miley Had A Serious Head Injury At 2 Years-Old

Rogan Cyrus

Off the back of talking about how Dr. Amen examined her brain using SPECT scans, Miley shockingly revealed an event which left Rogan's jaw touching the floor.

In a throwaway comment of sorts, Cyrus explained that she had a 'head injury' when she was two years-old which could be the reason she sometimes makes the choices she does. Honing in on the comment, Rogan asked her what happened and Miley soon revealed that she was actually involved in a rather intense motorbike accident caused by her father.

Billy Ray Cyrus had his daughter on his back in a 'baby backpack' and was speeding along a trail. He soon noticed a tree had fallen, so the 'Achy Breaky Heart' singer instinctively ducked. Unfortunately, his young daughter did not and was dealt a sickening blow to the head.

Rogan confessed that, as a dad, it was hard to hear Miley tell that story and the star professed that she'd given her father a tough time over the incident. However, she still thinks of him as the 'best dad' due to the amount of crazy things he let her do...such as...


Lifts rubber and metal. Watches people flip in spandex and pretends to be other individuals from time to time...