10 Things We Want To See From Joe Rogan Experience On Spotify

New platform, but he better not forget the old gold...

Joe Rogan Spotify

With the dust having finally settled following the shock news that Joe Rogan had accepted an offer reported to be in the nine-figure range to take the Joe Rogan Experience to Spotify, fans of the show have begun to wonder how the podcast will change once it is exclusively featured on the world's largest music streaming platform.

Of course, whenever any big media product goes through a change as monumental as this one, fans are always going to be at least a little anxious that it won't lead to their beloved product changing for the worse, and the JRE is no different.

Despite changing backdrops over the years, the JRE has remained at its core a space for discussion on just about any conceivable subject, ranging from the serious to the hilarious and often leaving listeners with a refreshing new perspective.

While you would assume that the big-money deal can only mean more high-profile guests and classic episodes, it's not surprising that fans are at least a little worried that their beloved podcast may suffer from a change of platform.

These rules would ensure that the JRE remains one of the world's most popular podcasts for years to come...

10. Keep Bringing In The Big Name Guests

Joe Rogan Spotify

Big-name guests are always going to be exciting for JRE fans. After all, who would have guessed that a show that dedicated an obscene amount of time to dick jokes and conspiracy talk would now play host to some of the worlds top celebs?

As the years have gone on an ever-growing contingent of famous people having begun sitting across from Joe and sharing their interesting insights, on a life that, for most of us, is entirely alien.

So, while not every A-list celebrity is going to prove to be a resounding success on the podcast (Mel Gibson and his incessant pen clicking comes to mind), getting to see some of the world's most famous people share their thoughts on a platform as relaxed and open-minded as the JRE is a treat that hopefully will not end on Spotify.

There a still a number of potential guests that Joe is friends with who are yet to appear on the show but could still prove hugely popular in bringing new fans on Spotify. Dave Chapelle and Ricky Gervais anyone?


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