10 Things You Didn't Know About Universal Orlando's Halloween Horror Nights

Unmasking the horror behind HHNs.

Halloween Horror Nights 27
Universal Orlando

As summer draws to an end and autumn peeks its head around the corner, the trick or treat antics of Universal's Halloween Horror Nights come out to play.

Halloween Horror Nights 2017 is set to be the biggest one yet. Running on select nights between 15th September all the way through to 4th November, this year Universal are offering a whopping 34 nights to be terrified, more nights than ever before.

With some big name movies such as The Shining, Saw and the return of American Horror Story, you're going to be thrown into some of your favourite scary movies at HHN 2017.

There are of course some of Universal's home grown mazes such as Dead Waters and scare zones like Trick 'r Treat to make your way through.

To celebrate the return of what is arguably the best Halloween event in the world, we have delved into the world of HHN to find some nightmarish stories that even a true fan might not know.

So don't get too scared as we take a look some of the goulish things that you probably weren't aware of about Universal's Halloween Horror Nights....

10. Jaws Was The Home Of The First House

jaws universal ride
Universal Studios

When it first opened in 1991, Universal Studios Florida quickly found that something wasn't quite going to plan.

One of the park's biggest attractions, Jaws had been temperamental since day one. Constant breakdowns led to the ride being closed from August 1990 for a full two years as Universal sought to bring life to the dying shark animatronics.

With there headline ride closed to the public, Universal wanted new ways to attract visitors. One plan was a Halloween party named Fright Nights.

As Jaws was out of action its queue area became the perfect place to locate a haunted house. Dungeon of Terror was a hot and tight winding maze that housed terrifying monsters and tortured victims.

Fright Nights was such a success that it paved the way for future events of the same ilk. Even after Jaws reopened, mazes would be housed in its queue. The last house to be located there was Saws N' Steam: Into The Machine in 2011, the year before the attraction closed forever.


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