10 Things You Didn't Know About Joe Rogan

6. He Initially Didn't Get Paid For His UFC Commentary

These days, few figures are as synonymous with the world's largest mixed martial arts promotion as Joe Rogan. Joe's debut at UFC 12 means his tenure in the organisation predates all active fighters and even UFC president Dana White who didn't become president until after the turn of the millennium.

Rogan's initial stint with the company ended in 1999 as his salary was not sufficient to cover his travelling to events in the remote locations they when then held. However, once the UFC was purchased by ZUFFA in 2001, Joe would return, this time in his more familiar position as colour commentator and post-fight interviwer as a favour to White.

Dana would later explain that Rogan actually went unpaid during his first 12 appearances as a commentator with the financially struggling UFC, asking only for free tickets so his friends could attend the shows until the organisation became profitable.

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