10 Things You Didn't Know About Joe Rogan

7. He Was Banned From The Comedy Store

Though he now often espouses his love for The Comedy Store in Hollywood, Rogan was once been exiled from the famous venue for more than half a decade.

In 2007, Carlos Mencia was one of the most recognisable standup comedians in America, known for his observational style of racial humour. However, many in the California comedy scene and elsewhere had noted Mencia's habit of repurposing other comics material and playing it off as his own.

Obviously not the kind of guy to take something like this lying down, everything came to a head when Rogan confronted Mencia about his joke stealing, in the middle of Mencia's performance at The Comedy Store. Joe publicly called Mencia out in front of his audience, and the footage of the comic struggling to defend his actions on stage was later uploaded to YouTube by former JRE producer Brian Redban, and instantly became a viral hit.

However, Joe's actions did not come without consequences, and he was banned from the Comedy Club for a period of several years before returning in 2013 for his friend Ari Shaffir's special.

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