10 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Coogan

There's so much more to this guy than Alan Partridge.

Perhaps best known for his character Alan Partridge, Steve Coogan has been gracing the screens of British film and television since the 1980€™s when his successful career first began. Having had a hand in acting, writing, producing and in stand up comedy, the man never fails to draw a laugh, and has won several awards for his contributions towards British entertainment. Raised as one of seven children in a working class family, you might be unsurprised to find that Coogan€™s latest gift to modern media was a short video about voting for the Labour party in this year€™s election. 2015 has also seen Coogan sign up for a key role in new apartheid drama, Shepherds and Butchers, as well as star in new show Happyish, which premiered on 26th April. With his career swinging from high to higher, the man of the moment is honest with his opinions on a whole heap of topics, including himself, saying €œI don€™t mind if people hate me, so long as it€™s not everyone€. As a fan of the Coog, you might be gobsmacked to imagine that anyone could hate him; he€™s only ever given you laughs, not tears of frustration unlike some celebrities. Here are a few facts concerning the back story to Coogan€™s wonderful career, which will hopefully only encourage you to like him even more than you already do.
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