10 Things You Didn't Know About Steve Coogan

10. He's Not Scared To Get Angry Like Everyone Else

An interview with The Independent showed a darker side to Coogan, or perhaps just a more human element concerning his honesty about hating a few things in life €“ just like the rest of us, right? He gets mad about vacuous celebrities: "I get annoyed, I GET ANNOYED about celebrities who need to please all the people all the time, in some sort of nebulous, soupy, bland way. Who would never say anything remotely controversial because it might affect their career. I think those people are pathetic, frankly." He also doesn€™t like people with too much conviction ("People who are overly certain make me angry") or certain tabloid newspapers ("Being personal and behaving like a school bully, like some proprietors and editors do €“ UTTERLY PATHETIC"). He also hates it when people confuse him with his most famous creation, Alan Partridge. Ah well, it€™s only natural to hate things; even the most perfect person can€™t love everything.
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