10 Things You Didn't Know About Will Smith

5. He Was Accused Of Homophobia

Sir Ian McKellen once accused Will Smith of being homophobic. The Lord of the Rings actor, who worked with the Hollywood actor on the movie Six Degrees of Separation, publicly slammed the way Will reacted to playing a homosexual character. Sir Ian, who is an active gay rights campaigner, said: "When he said, 'I can't be kissed, because it will gross out my fans,' he thought he was saying something very individual. But what he was actually confirming was that he's got the disease so many people have - homophobia". In a bizarre twist of events, Smith was later on accused of being gay himself, after spending a lot of time with friend actor Duane Martin. The media speculated on his marriage splitting up due to Smith and Martin's bromance - which all turned out to be rumours (of course).
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