10 Times Leonardo DiCaprio Made Your Tummy Flutter

This is his year. Maybe.

Here's a question for you... if Leonardo DiCaprio won an Academy Award and no-one was there to see it, would he still have won one? This is a question that's puzzled philosophers and general humanity for years. In fact, if it came to it and enough people signed one of those pointless petition things that appear all over social media, then British MP's would have to debate why DiCap hasn't won an Oscar in parliament. Despite general civilisation basically imploding from country to country in the current political climate, it's highly likely that huge importance would be adhered to such a motion. Because, let's face it, our Leo is pretty adorable. As a human being, Leonardo DiCaprio is superior in every way to 99% of the global population, obviously not including Brad Pitt or Andrea Pirlo. At only 41 years old his career has gone from strength to strength to middling to okay to strength to strength again. From the early days as a homeless artist having it away with rich snobs, to the party times on Wall Street hoovering up gak off high-end 'relaxation therapists', to the troubled times wrestling bears in the Montana wilderness, Leo's is a life of insurmountable talent, sweet good looks, and bewitching charm. And boy can he dance. As well as his obvious acting talent, DiCaprio is also known these days as 'environmental eco-warrior with a fine haircut', and 'Martin Scorsese's best mate', and has become well-established as an international icon for our age. Our Leo is a fine example of what we can all achieve if we care for the environment, dedicate ourselves to a craft and side-part our hair in such mesmerising ways. Plus, we all fancy him. Obviously. Here are ten times Leonardo DiCaprio made your tummy flutter just by being Leonardo DiCaprio.

Chris James Peet says hello. His interests include hoping for the best and sitting in chairs. He much prefers moaning to counting his blessings and suffers fools gladly. He also likes to look out of the window and check what's in the fridge but he hates standing up, dripping taps and reality.