10 Unusual Facts You Didn't Know About The Titanic

10. The Nazi Party Made Their Own Titanic Propaganda Movie

Nazi Titanic
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Of all the movies that have been produced about the Titanic, the 1943 Nazi take on the sinking has got to be the most peculiar. The film was commissioned directly by Hitler€™'s Propaganda Minister, Jospeh Goebbels, and was devised to glorify Germany whilst painting the British as greedy and arrogant.

The film's plot deals with the White Star Line planning to sneakily sell their own company's stocks in order to cause stock prices to fall, which they could then buy them back at a reduced rate to make a fortune once the Titanic broke the world speed record.

The film stars a fictional German First Officer named Herr Petersen, who spends the course of the movie trying to convince the greedy British owners to slow the ship down. Somewhat inevitably, he then becomes a true hero during the ship's sinking, helping many brave German passengers to escape, and even heroically diving from the Titanic with a child in his arms moments before the ship disappears beneath the ocean.

Petersen€™'s brave actions are in stark contrast to the portrayal of the British characters in the film, who are all shown to be greedy and uncaring. Ironically, the film was later banned by Goebbels when parallels were drawn between the scenes of third class passengers locked below decks and what was happening in Nazi concentration camps.

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