10 Upcoming Movies You Didn't Know Were Based On Books

Because great books make for great movies.

Everyone knows that some of the greatest movies of all-time have been adapted from some of the greatest books: though the process of adaption doesn't always go entirely smoothly (how many times have you heard things like: "It wasn't as good as the book"), Hollywood is always keen to adapt both novels and non-fiction works because there's already a proven strength to the story (and a built-in fanbase). Last year gave us some of the best and most memorable book adaptations in recent years: Foxcatcher, Wild, Inherent Vice, Edge Of Tomorrow, The Fault In Our Stars, Snowpiercer, Big Hero 6 - and that's to name just a few. 2015 looks to be just as jam-packed with adaptations of some of the best-selling novels of the past few years, including Child 44, The Martian, Dark Places, Mockingjay and Insurgent. But not all of the books getting the filmic treatment this year are as well known as the sequel to The Hunger Games; some of the novels or non-fiction works that are to be transformed into cinematic ventures might have flown under your radar, either because they're much older, a little obscure or - for one reason or another - your brain failed to remember they even existed. Hey, it happens to everyone! Here, then, are 10 upcoming movies you didn't know were based on books...

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