10 Wars Started For Ridiculous Reasons

Learn about the war that started over the loss of an ear.

Hattin Lowres Contrary to wishful thinking war has been known to humanity since the beginning and will stay with it right until the bitter end. It may be progressive to think of such catastrophic acts of gruesome bloodshed as outdated, unnecessary, and useless. Nevertheless doing so is to accept an early defeat that will lead us back to the battleground. Only by attempting to understand the history behind these conflicts can we hope to prevent them in the future. Even if we do not approve of the act, regardless of what may be at stake, we must still appreciate their significance. For example, atomic bombs are heinous instruments of wickedness all of which we would like to see dismantled, but without their creation modern society would have been engulfed in World War III in less than 20 years after the second with America and Russia leading the charge of death. Despite these truths most wars manage to be pretty retarded. The cause of many are over simple trifles of failed diplomacy (European History 101) while others begin with a good cause to end in bitterness when they are not fought well. Consider the contrast between the American Revolution (with apologies to my British readers) and the murderous affairs which occurred in France or Russia. A chilling difference, however, each began with the people's desire for liberty. When researched history reveals three consistent reasons bogus wars are fought: religion/ideology, the massive ego of a nation's leader, and ignorance of others (or, in other words, no reason at all). This article will take an in-depth look at some real doozies from a war fought over the loss of a silly ear to the Second American Civil War that quietly lasted for nearly two hundred years.
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