10 Weirdest Cold War Stories You Probably Haven't Heard

Roast chicken, anyone?

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With the end of the second World War in August 1945, most people looked to the future with renewed hope now the craziness they had known for the past six years was over. Or so they thought. The next 45 years would prove to be one of the tensest periods in human history, with the threat of nuclear war a near constant concern.

Although the Cold War was not technically a war, it was contested in several so-called proxy wars such as Vietnam War and Korean War, to name a few. This period is a melting pot of some truly unbelievable events, such as alien conspiracies, mysterious disappearances, ludicrous battle plans and audacious raids. Throw in a bit of ‘it seemed like a good idea at the time’ and a dash of ‘did they really do that?’ and you have a particularly interesting cake.

For those of you that read 10 Weirdest WWI Stories You Probably Haven’t Heard, this is a perfect complement, showing the weirdness did not stop in 1945. Those that haven’t read it, what are you waiting for?

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