10 Weirdest Michael Jackson Statues You Won't Believe

10. Brazilian Favela

Jackson filmed his first They Don€™t Care About Us video in the Santa Marta favela of Rio de Janeiro and in the city of Salvador. A protest song, it drew the attention of Spike Lee, who ultimately directed two videos for the song. Brazilians officials were concerned about the pop star filming in a favela, because they believed it would portray a bad image in the media, but ultimately the King of Pop won and the video was a success. The video featured local musicians and residents, and brought to light the issues that exist in favelas. The event was memorialized in a bronze statue of the singer that rises high over the shantytown, alongside a rainbow coloured mosaic of Jackson's face on what appears to be a postage stamp. Arms outstretched, the skinny statue looks more like Lindsay Lohan than Jackson, but it keeps the visitors coming.

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