11 Former Child Stars With Totally Normal Jobs

Would you really take legal advice from Chunk?

Child stardom never was a path that ran smoothly. After all, having the mind of a child and the money of a grown up (a very rich grown up at that), is enough to both dazzle and dizzy anyone. It eventually leads people down a long road to irresponsibility, public scrutiny and daytime television. Thanks to the internet and reality tv, it's now easier than ever for almost anyone to become an instant celebrity and children are no exception. Just think of how Honey Boo Boo might become the next Miley Cyrus... or not. The point is, with the large number of celebrities being churned out by the media in the present day, it's becoming harder and harder to stay in the spotlight for very long. Out of a large handful of so-called celebrities, it's likely that only two or three of them will ever clamber their way up to "A-Lister" status. So what happens to the rest of them? Have you ever wondered what happens to child stars when they reach puberty? The stars whose career didn't end with drug addiction, law suits or leaked nudes? Here are 11 stars whose path to stardom was diverted away from the bumpy road of fame.
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