11 Times "Health Guru" Celebrities Were Hilariously Wrong About Science

Hollywood: Where healing your house and eating your placenta is normal behaviour.

Miley cyrus gluten

In an age in which celebrities are treated like gods, and a wheat intolerance is treated as a status symbol, there is a veritable (gluten free) smorgasbord of misinformation floating around out there in celeb-land.

There are a couple of types of celebrity "health guru" out there: The health concious actor types who make a living out of having a dangerously low body fat percentage, and the full-time nutritionists* who make a living out of nagging fat people about quinoa and telling us all to eat blue-green algae for breakfast.

A word of warning, a lot of people get pretty uppity when you start to pick apart their infatuation with the latest brand of woo (they also hate it when you call it "woo") as, a lot of the time, the dairy- wheat- sugar- joy-free organic raw paleo lifestyle is as much a method of self expression as painting watercolours or getting facial tattoos, and who are we to argue with somebody else's self-expression?

Well, my rule is generally when they start trying to convince other people to jump on their rickety bandwagon, reject any kind of critical thought and spend a load of money whilst they're at it - then it's fair game.

*It should be noted that the term "nutritionist" doesn't really mean anything. You don't need to pass any kind of exam to call yourself a nutritionist, unlike a Dietician, who has to complete a 4-year Bachelor Degree in Nutrition and Dietetics to earn the title.

11. Gisele Bundchen Wants You To Get Sunburnt

Miley cyrus gluten

Gisele Bundchen, model, actress and goodwill ambassador to the UN, is one of those credited with ending the "Heroin Chic" modelling trend of the nineties and representing a push towards the healthy and wholesome lifestyle.

Unfortunately, she also reckons that you're better off frolicking around in the sunshine unprotected than applying evil, poisonous sun-cream to your poor delicate skin.

Gisele says that she just can't bring herself to apply sun cream due to the chemicals in it that block the sun's harmful UV rays. Maybe this feels okay for someone who doesn't burn easily, say, a Brazilian supermodel, but for the rest of us, the lobster look is not a great one.

Not using sufficient sun protection could cause some serious damage to someone whose job was something like, I don't know, posing in swimwear on sunny beaches and despite claiming that she only goes out in the sun before 8 am, Bundchen has been spotted with some pretty nasty looking sunburn whilst out in the sun during the day.

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