12 Crazy Reasons Why Your Ancestors Were Accused Of Witchcraft

11. Walking In Groups

Being popular wasn't exactly a good idea back then, especially if you were a girl. Unfortunately, outsiders didn't see a few friends laughing and walking together, they saw a coven of witches who were just off to summon the Devil and then have sex with him. That's right, a witch's Sabbath was a ritual that often took place in secret and at night. Magic would be performed, the Devil would appear in the form of evil or in the form of an animal, and witches would have sex with him whilst chanting spells and plotting who they would torture next. There were a number of common factors that people believe happened during the ceremony which included witches flying on a broomstick, eating human flesh (especially children), having an orgy and destroyed a lot of crucifixes. Some party. So whilst many girls back then would have assumed that there was a safety in numbers, it turned out to be the complete opposite as everyone thought that you were up to no good.
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