12 Crazy Reasons Why Your Ancestors Were Accused Of Witchcraft

10. If You Had Any Physical Deformities

You really can't win with this one because if you were too beautiful then people automatically assumed that you were a witch and if you were ugly, they assumed that you were possessed by evil - because evil isn't nice to look at, hence why you're physically ugly. From physical deformities like missing fingers, eyes or walking with a limp to having scars or moles on your skin; these were all qualities that witches were supposed to have had. Witches were recognised by possessing very different qualities which hit either end of the spectrum - flawless beauty or a haggard appearance. If you were too beautiful you either performed a spell to make you that way or the Devil blessed you with beauty in order to seduce others and pass on your seed of evil, literally. Whereas if you had scars or moles, these were said to be physical marks of where the Devil has been and where he entered your body and taken over your soul. It is also where your familiar pierces the skin to drink your blood to consummate the bond between you both. Which is why witches had all of the hair on their body shaved off during a trial so that the torturers could find any hidden marks.
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