12 Hacks For A Mind-Blowing Sex Life

11. Suppress Your Gag Reflex

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Listen up ladies and gents, we're about to drop some knowledge.

Chances are that, during a good sesh, something will be going near the back of your throat at some point. There's nothing that ruins the mood quite like the sensation or sound of violent gagging, but luckily there's a neat little body hack that could save the day.

If you clench your thumb inside your fist, it should help suppress that pesky gag reflex.

It is thought that this activates a pressure point in the centre of your palm that will move the trigger point further back into the throat. The palm isn't the only place that this works, there is also supposedly one of these magical pressure points on the forearm (known as the Neiguan point), and the fleshy bit between the thumb and forefinger (known as the Hegu point).

If your hands aren't available at the time (ay-oh), then worry not because there is also one located in the groove between your chin and lower lip (this one is called the Chengjiang). Perhaps you could get someone else to do that one for you. You know, just in case your own hands are busy for whatever reason.

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