12 Iconic Characters Utterly Ruined By Terrible Commercials

12. Cookie Monster Was A Neo-Nazi Promotional Tool

Though not on a screen (thankfully), the Cookie Monster has apparently being helping neo-Nazis in Germany by distributing pamphlets about Aryan values to children - because of course that path worked out so well for Germany last time. It probably wouldn€™t have done any damage to the character of the Cookie Monster had this issue stayed within the region where it was happening. Sadly though, the story went viral last year, turning it into an unfortunate advert for the political group. Even though nobody really believes that the Cookie Monster would be a neo-Nazi, it€™s not a stretch to imagine that there are now thousands of people who can€™t help but be reminded the monstrous actions of the Nazis every time they see that adorable blue beast with the googly eyes.
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