12 Iconic Characters Utterly Ruined By Terrible Commercials

11. Yabba-Dabba-COUGH SPLUTTER

Sure, this one's from a different era where casual misogyny and disregard for lung health were simply par for the course, but when you think about that fact in depth that doesn€™t make things better €“ it makes things worse. The Flintstones are tied indelibly to the concept of wistful family entertainment. They are held up as a pinnacle of safe programming and non-controversial family values. Yet this commercial shows just what a fantasy this concept is. Not only are Fred and Barney surreptitiously forcing their wives into work (and bragging about it), but they celebrate this by telling the viewers how good their lung cancer causing poison is. They are simply mouth-pieces of one of the most evil industries in the history of all humanity, and sexist ones to boot. If this is a product of a more innocent age, then keep giving us the sinful modern era please.
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