12 Lies You Believed As A Child

Life should probably come with a spoiler warning.

Innocence is a blissful thing, not only for children but for the parents too. It isn't until you reach a certain age that you realise how evil and naughty your parents were to you when you were growing up. When you were young, you had this idealised image of your parents because you thought that they knew everything and were pretty much invincible. It wasn't until you reached secondary school that you realised that they are totally winging it and all of those horrendous lies that they told. However, all of those lies definitely had a big impact on you and although they were only white lies, that doesn't make them okay. They were used to model your behaviour and promote good manners, but did they really need to threaten you with some man who would come and take you away if you were naughty? Of course, it wasn't just your behaviour that they were trying to shape and it makes it worse that they were lying about things that they really didn't need to make up. Unfortunately, some of you were more gullible than others and you only discovered your parents' deceitful ways after retelling stories to your friends who thought you were a bit special... However, there's no excuse for you if you're 35 and still believe in the Easter Bunny.
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