12 Problems Only Night Shift Workers Will Understand

It's late, there's not many people around, the roads are quiet and everyone is asleep...except for you.

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Here to work and serve your fellow night owls is where you earn your living. It has been shown in studies that night shift patterns can cause major health concerns including type 2 diabetes and heart attacks - but alas, you can't see yourself getting out of the night shift way of life anytime soon. You are completely out of sync with a normal day but there are some fortunate advantages; doctors appointments during off-peak times, no congestion travelling between work and home, chance for more pay as an apology for your body clock being turned into an absolute wreck.

The most frustrating fact is trying to explain to those who are accustomed to getting up bright and early about all the trials and tribulations you have to go through when it comes to night work. I mean it's not as if you chose this erratic sleeping pattern was it?

Here are 12 of the biggest problems night shift workers have to face at work...

12. Everyone Thinking You Are Lazy Because It€™s The Afternoon And You€™re Still In Bed

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€˜I can not believe you are still in bed at this time!€™, you€™ve heard it a hundred times before. Your shift finished at 4am and including the commute home you only got back into bed two hours ago but all the day-breakers want you to be up seizing the day and joining the rest of society. Forget it, you won€™t be out and about until it€™s at least the early evening.

11. Feeling As If You Live In A Post Apocalyptic World

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The streets are empty, there€™s no cars on the roads and you can€™t see another form of human life for miles. Is this night shift work or a scene out of 28 Days Later? At first you thought this was an absolute luxury being able to get off late and head home quick but now it€™s beginning to dawn on you that you€™ve forgotten how your own city use to feel.

10. Your Social Circle Is Other Night Workers

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The only people you really get to interact with is everyone else on the night shift. Can you even remember all your old buddies? They are out in the evening (you€™re working) or trying to call you throughout the day to make plans (you€™re sleeping) and it begins to feel like distant days since you last caught up. When you clock out the only other people you can find who aren€™t tucked up in bed and have a bit of life left in them are your co-workers - guess you€™re stuck with this lot then.

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