12 Problems Only Night Shift Workers Will Understand

9. It Has Taken You Months To Transform Into A Nocturnal Creature

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Evolving into a creature of the night has taken you a long time to master; remember the days when you would struggle through the insomnia when you arrived home or when your body would foolishly respond to the rising soon like some sort of normal human being? Gone are those days and now you are a fully-formed nocturnal being.

8. There€™s Never Anything On The TV

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It was announced earlier in the year that the UK has over 4 million people working on a nightshift pattern (source: Channel 4) so please can we get some good programming during the early morning hours? You€™re home when the cartoons start to play or any other programme is a 1980€™s rom-com you€™ve never heard of€thankfully there's always Netlfix and Catch Up TV or you would really begin to lose your mind. (If you haven€™t already that is.)

7. Your Diet Is 99% Fast Food And Takeaways

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Imagine a beautiful world where you could have a nutritious and delicious meal in the early hours of the morning. Forget it, nobody is rustling up steak at this time of day and the only salad that gets a look into your tummy is whatever is thrown on your kebab after work. You€™re an absolute regular on the takeaway high street but secretly just one good home cooked meal is all you really crave.

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