12 Scientific Explanations For The Weird Things Cats Do

Cats rule.

Cats rule

Cats are awesome.

Either you agree with that statement or you're wrong.

But, as much as we love them, cats can be strange, difficult and downright mystifying at times. People who inexplicably hate cats love to talk about how unfriendly they are, often comparing them to the slightly annoying enthusiasm of dogs (not that we don't love dogs too), but we cat lovers know the truth.

With a little bit of careful study, we can uncover some of the reasons behind our beloved kitty's bemusing behaviour.

Whether you're a crazy cat lady with a million moggies, or one of those catless cat people who has to get their feline fix by ambushing every cat you ever meet in the street, we can all appreciate the brilliance of cats a little better with a good bit of understanding (and lots of cat gifs)

Oh, and cats do love their owners, so take that, dog snobs.

12. Your Cat DOES Love You

Cats rule
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Right, let's get this one out of the way right off the bat.

Cat haters love to tell cat owners that their little bundles of fluff don't love them. Not only is this a total dick move, but it's just not true.

The idea comes from the fact that cats rub on inanimate objects in order to scent them, so the cat-hating theory is that cats are simply marking you as their territory, kind of like the feline equivalent of a dog peeing on stuff.

The thing is, cats don't really have many options other than rubbing on stuff, they do it for a number of reasons and one of these is for social interaction. Cats rub against one another to strengthen social bonds, they will rub their head on you in order to develop a sort of "clan scent", but they will also rub their body on you, which doesn't have any scent glands, in order to show you affection.

Cats will often lie together and purr as an act of social bonding, something that they will also often do with their owners.

The reason why cat-haters usually think that cats aren't affectionate is because they're comparing feline affection to canine or even human affection, neither of which are really comparable.

Saying a cat is just rubbing on you to mark its territory is like saying humans only wave to show they aren't carrying a weapon.

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