12 Silly Things You Can Do To Instantly Improve Your Day

Why so serious?

Taylor Swift Dancing Gif Sometimes life is hard. Okay, maybe your definition what makes life 'hard' or a 'bad day', but it seems impossible that no one has ever emerged from a day without at least some kind of emotional or psychological hit from suffering a truly terrible twenty four hours. It can be important stuff such as losing a loved one, getting fired from your job, or suffering a catastrophic breakup. It can be minor, niggling stuff - missing your bus, sleeping through your alarm, feeling insecure thanks to someone's mean comment. Everyone is affected differently by these bad days, these little moments that chip away at the fresh goodness of a new day. However, everyone has their little tricks - their mood-boosting ways to help get them through their bad days. Listening to particular music, treating themselves to a cupcake, having an early night and catching up on some no doubt well-deserved sleep. These things often fall into the realm of 'self care', and should be prized and prioritised, but sometimes you need some irreverent silliness to raise the dark cloud off a day. So, in case you are looking for some fun, stupid, completely silly ways to lighten your mood and brighten your day, here are just twelve pranks, japes, and activities you can plan and perform in order to make your day just that bit better...
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