14 Thoughts You Have When Your Best Friend Announces Their Engagement

"Bridezilla? Please... She knows that I know how to drop kick someone in the face."

You're probably at that age where a lot of your friends are having babies and getting engaged whilst the other half of your pals are getting drunk every weekend and have no idea what's going on with their lives. But when your best friend suddenly announces their engagement, it signifies the start of a long and rather unexpected journey. You can't believe how someone else your age can have their life so together when you're still spending the majority of your day looking at funny cat videos on YouTube. Although you're obviously going to be over the moon for your best friend and their happiness, you can't help but take a moment to evaluate your own life. If you're single, having a ring on your finger can seem like an impossibility and even if you're not, it will probably feel like your partner is never going to commit to you. But you can't dwell on yourself for too long because you now have a wedding to help plan. You've never done anything like this in your entire life and you have no idea where to start. The main priority for you is planning the perfect hen party, but what will she like? What if she turns into this bridezilla and you don't even want to be a part of the wedding anymore because she's treating you like a slave instead of a best friend? So although there isn't an official date for the wedding yet, there will be a few thoughts that will run through your head as soon as you find out that your best bud is getting hitched.

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