15 Amazing Animals That Prove Humans Are Inferior

You think your opposable thumbs are cool?

Science would lead humanity to believe that it€™s highly evolved and has the most intelligence on Earth. To this point, humans have learned to speak, build massive edifices and even fly rocket ships to the moon, albeit not always successfully. We€™ve invented scary things like nuclear weapons and amazing things like microwave bacon popcorn. Humans have created timeless sculptures, paintings and music. We€™ve solved polio and landed on a comet. Time and time again, we have proven our ability to adapt and overcome, but so have many other animals. They have taken their fight underground and have been busy becoming venomous, developing larger muscles or improving digestive processes. For humans, that usually takes drugs. Nature is a vast landscape of impressive creatures that have developed fascinating adaptations for survival. From bizarre ways of taking down prey to bacteria immunity, animals have some cool traits that put human abilities to shame. While we may still hold the title on intelligence, physical prowess and defensive abilities are lacking without modifications. These fifteen animals will make you realize that humanity teeters on the precipice of war with the animal kingdom and that opposable thumbs might not be enough to keep us at the top of the food chain.
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