15 Horrible Life Lessons All Freshers Should Know By Now

14. Learning To Get Along With Your New Weird Housemates

Judging You Gif

Remember just to be nice to everyone. All people come from different walks of life and you shouldn't judge anyone. No matter how creepy, weird, smelly or just irritating as hell they can be. What were the chances that you would be dumped with this group of misfits as housemates instead of anyone who is even remotely cool?

13. The Only Proper Meal You See Will Be On Instagram

Home Baked Gif There is nothing in your fridge but an old lump of cheese, some cold pasta saved from the other night and half a bottle of vodka. You would kill right now for a Sunday Roast and whenever your Mum rings to check in on you it's time to get describing the healthy, balanced and completely made-up in your own head meals you're having each night.

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