15 WTF Corporate Tweets That Definitely Got Someone Fired

14. Entenmann's Tweets Using Casey Anthony Hashtag

At&T 9/11

Corporate Twitter accounts often join in on a trending hashtag to self-promote, usually with something fun like Snapple posting a Westeros version of their logo for the Game of Thrones premiere. That can be innocent and amusing, but only when the hashtag isn't about something incredibly depressing.

That's a lesson Entenmann's learned the hard way back in 2011 during the Casey Anthony trial. Anthony was charged with first-degree murder for the death of her daughter Caylee and found not guilty, a decision which sparked an outcry all over social media. Whatever you think of the verdict, this is a situation involving the loss of a two-year-old kid, so it's clearly a topic with a lot of weight that deserves to be taken seriously.

After the verdict was announced, #notguilty started trending on Twitter, and Entenmann's decided to get in on the action, tweeting, "Who's #notguilty about eating all the tasty treats they want?"

Yes, they are using the tragic death of a child to advertise baked goods. Entenmann's apologized and explained that they didn't check the hashtag to see what "not guilty" was referring to, and they weren't intending to reference the trial. Let this be a lesson to all Twitter users: always check the hashtag first.

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