15 Genius Kickstarter Projects That Must Succeed

13. Where€™s Wallet: The Smart Wallet You€™ll Never Lose


The Project:

Solving that age old problem of wallets seemingly disappearing through a crack in time, the folks at Dutch-based collective, MIJLO, are already garnering acclaim on Kickstarter thanks to creating the definitive unmissable wallet. With this one, shoppers can choose from a range of wallet designs €“ all containing a tiny sensor €“ then once purchased download the Where€™s Wallet app, being sure to set up a notification range, and then carry on as per normal. This pairing up of accessory and software comes into play whenever the owner strays too far, whereupon the app will send out an alert and guide you back to the wallet. Simple, innovative and smart.

Who's Behind It?

MIJLO€™s founder, Daniel Eckler, is heading up this project and wants to continue the outfit€™s mission to produce products that make our lives that little bit easier.

The Goal:

There€™s a pledge of $30,000 to see this project succeed, with those that cough up receiving one of these whizzy wallets. Let one wallet fund another by clicking this link.
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