15 Precious Lord Of The Rings Chat Up Lines

Hey girl, fancy blowing my Horn of Gondor?

If you're looking for love, it can be difficult to find. It's always when you stop looking for it that it comes your way. But this means that you're unprepared for love when you do eventually find it and how do you even hold on to it? So if you're at that stage where you might not be looking for true love, but love that lasts for one night or a few weeks, then there are some things that will make that easier for you. It's always nerve wracking going up to a complete stranger whom you happen to find extremely attractive because it's rare that you can make coherent sentences. You want to act cool and look sexy but that's sometimes quite a challenge and you just give off this socially awkward vibe. So if you're a Lord of the Rings fan, then look no further, because help is on its way as you (Rohan) has called for aid. All you have to do is pick a line, find a suitable partner and watch the beacons light up. Of course this is all going to be extremely awkward if the person you're trying to chat up isn't a Lord of the Rings fan. So knowing your audience is extremely important because otherwise, these are going to come off as creepy and nerdy and definitely not sexy. Although if you look anything like Aragorn and plead a girl to 'ride hard', you're probably in, no exceptions. If you're going to ride hard, make sure you stay safe and wrap it up - no, we're not talking about riding horses here.

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