15 Problems Only People Who Can't Drive Understand

Do you have ANY idea how bad public transport smells?

As a species, we're programmed to cut corners and take as many short-cuts as possible, which is why we're now programmed to believe that the first thing you have to do once you hit the right age is to get into a little metal box on wheels and hurtle down over-crowded roads at furious speeds with every single half-heard statistic about road crashes blaring in your ears. Or at least that's how it feels from the outside - or more specifically, from the passenger seat where the non-drivers sit, attempting to pray their way to the safety of no longer being in the car. We might be accused of not supporting the car building trade at the extreme end, or of self-restriction by not opening the world's roads up to our every whim, but non-drivers are forced to suffer a raft of problems that only we could understand as well. But there's absolutely nothing to be ashamed of in not wanting to become another sardine in the great traffic jam of life, even if you'll never escape those problems, which we've all experienced as non-drivers...

15. Being Classed As A Third Class Citizen

Everybody tries to run pedestrians over. It's sort of the unwritten rule of the roads that grief rolls down the hill: lorry drivers hate cars, cars hate bicycles and everyone hates pedestrians, even when they're minding their own business on the pavement, as if paying road tax (begrudgingly and with very vocal dissent) entitles you to mow anyone down who has the audacity to step on a pedestrian crossing. But it's not just that; not driving will cause people to believe you have some sort of affliction, whether mental or physical that doesn't allow you to tackle the very complex requirements that are also mostly needed to master Mario Kart. Because no driver will ever entertain the idea that you are fully aware of how to drive, or how an engine actually works, unless you have a certificate that says you're able to lie to an examiner for a couple of hours that you definitely won't move your hands from that position on the wheel, and won't ever put your arm across the back of the seat when reversing... Admitting you either do not want to, or haven't yet taken the time to learn how to drive is pretty much the same as asking to be carted off to a gulag full of like-minded tree huggers who suspect cars are run on some sort of black magic.

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