15 Problems Only People Who Can't Drive Understand

14. Furiously Stamping On An Imaginary Brake

It might be completely ludicrous, but there's just no accounting for the fact that whenever your driver is going too fast, or you suspect that they're about to plough head-first into another car, your leg will involuntarily stamp into the foot well, on a brake that isn't there, to make your stupid flawed brain feel better about the fact that you have absolutely no control over either of those things. And the driver will then probably laugh at you as well.

13. Being Expected To Be Naturally Adept At Navigating

At the other end of the scale of ignorance, drivers will always assume that you are able to read maps, and know exactly where your destination is, even if they don't, because you're sitting in a seat that isn't the driver's one. What that ignores of course is that whoever came up with the idea of maps was playing a horrible prank that the world has not yet uncovered. There is something in their mess of colourful lines or digital geometric shapes that is designed to befuddle the typical human mind and slow reaction times down to the extent that all turns offs only appear when you've already JUST driven past them. Nobody is wilfully fudging their map reading, and it's becoming increasingly clear thanks to Sat Navs that drivers are just as bad at heeding directional instructions as "navigators" are at giving them, but that doesn't stop the inevitable persecution whenever you're charged with being the map reader and invariably end up in a lay-by or a ditch with the driver's eyes furiously burning a hole into the side of your head. Which, inevitably leads to the next point...

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