15 Problems Only People Who Hate Christmas Will Understand

Bah, humbug!

The most expensive time of the year is upon the world; the season not of baby Jesus, but rampant commercialism. Trees mess up living rooms, shops are heaving with bargain zombies, and, however much you hate it, you still have to buy everyone cards and presents every single year. At least you're expected to. Even when all they deserve is a big fat lump of coal. Christmas is a wonderful time for children, teens, singles with few to no attachments, and an absolute headache for nearly everyone else. You've probably had at least one year where you find yourself running around last minute, the night before Christmas, struggling to find not the perfect gift but even a worthy gift for a friend, family member, or loved one. You're under pressure far more than you should be for a fun holiday that used to be about the birth of a religious icon, but has changed into a mad rush of commercialization and greed. So bah, humbug to it all! Here are fifteen problems only people who hate Christmas will understand.
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