15 Signs You Have Serious Wanderlust

For all those people who exist to be a constant blur whizzing around the globe.

Wanderlust, or the obsessive need to explore and travel the world, is the the most appropriate word in your vernacular once you've been bitten by the travel bug and there is no cure. After you've been on one unforgettable trip to a new and exciting place, nothing is going to stop you from hopping on the next plane, train or automobile to get out of town again and again. Your thirst for travel is indeed real, and your whole world centres around passports, suitcases, souvenirs and postcards. When you aren't out and about exploring a new country, you're at home working hard to save up for the next destination and annoyingly sharing your travel photos with anyone who will look at them. You know you have serious wanderlust when your whole life revolves around travel. Everything you do leads to a trip, and frankly your friends got sick of this a long time ago. But you don't care because you know that discovering the world for yourself is your favourite pastime, aside from all of the other things you do when preparing for your next adventure. So if you are a truly seasoned explorer, then here are 15 things that you know to be true in your everyday struggle with the need to wander.

15. You Have A Map Of The World Marking Everywhere You€™ve Traveled.

To some the world might seem like a huge, scary place. But to you it seems like an open-ended place for travel and adventure. Every time you cross off a country you get excited for the next big trip.

14. You Have A Travel Bucket List

Not only do you mark where you HAVE been, but you mark where you want to go next. There is so much world left to explore, and you have an endless list of destinations ready to cross off.

13. You Spend A Lot Of Time Looking At Old Travel Pictures

When you're stuck at home with nowhere to go, you like to pretend you're still back galavanting around Europe or hiking through the Australian outback. These pictures are your form of escape when you can't exactly afford a plane ticket to actually get away.

Holland Baker is based in New York City, where she is an editor, writer and co-host of Whatever It Takes: A Degrassi Podcast. In her free time, you can find her searching for bodega cats, eating mass amounts of pizza and using humor as a defense mechanism.