15 Things Everybody Does (But Nobody Admits)

Perhaps it's time we stop hiding it...

Despite the fact that humans are all fundamentally the same, we have a history of undermining our commonalities and highlighting our differences. Yes, we are all different when it comes to the minutia of our personalities, but in broad strokes we are more alike than we think. We all have the same biological processes and urges, the same emotions that guide our decisions every day, and the same insecurities. And it results in some pretty strange, awkward, and often humorous behavior. Among these behaviors are those are we consider too embarrassing, gross, or generally unacceptable to ever talk about or admit to doing. Civilized society tells us that there are just certain subjects and behaviors that we should keep to ourselves, almost all of which just happen to highlight our flaws. We do them, and on some level we know that everyone else does too. Yet we are pressured to hide them away from everybody for fear of social suicide. It's time to set aside any sense of pretentious convention and embrace the weird. These are the worst kept secrets of human nature; the sometimes silly, sometimes serious behaviors that we all can relate to on some level. These are just some of the things everybody does but nobody wants to admit.

15. Spit While Talking

We€™ve all been there. You€™re having a really intense conversation with someone. You€™re animated and having a good time. At some point your excitement for stimulating discussion gets the better of you and a big blob of saliva flies out of your mouth. And then things get awkward. Now if it€™s with someone you know really well, the two of you will most likely laugh it off and treat it as a humorous intermission. But with someone with whom you are wanting to make a good impression, it can be quite embarrassing. If you are lucky, the person will be polite enough to act like it never happened, which almost makes it more awkward in its own way.
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